You vote in the poll center as determined by Central Election Commission. In order to vote you should have a valid identification document during the time of the elections.

Do you have a valid Identity Card during the time of the election?

If Yes – then you are ready to vote

If Not, – If not please go and apply for a new Identity Card, with a valid Birth Extract taken at maximum six months ago at the Local Registry in your Municipality.

Have you never had any documentation? What to do?

Firstly, go to a local registry in your municipality and be advised how to proceed with registration. All the proceedings should take place in line with the Administrative Instruction no. 24/2015 on the late registrations in the civil status registers.

You should also go to your nearest Notary office, with your parents and two close relatives who can declare that you have never been registered before in any registry and they are your parents.

How to vote?

Once upon your arrival at your polling center, you will be directed to your room where you will be voting. There a commissioner check with a lamp if you have voted before. After passing him you will sign up in the registry book that you have voted, and the other commissioner will be spraying your fingers and give you the ballot.

For General Election, you will be given only one ballot, from which you will have to choose only one political party, and up to five candidates from MPs.

HERE you can find the information on how to fill the ballot.

For Local Elections, you will be given two ballots. The first ballot is per mayor and one for local assembly

In the ballot for mayor, you only vote for only one candidate, while for the local assembly you vote for one political party and only one candidate for council.

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